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Javelina Cantina Sedona Menu

lake havasus best mexican food


Voted "Best Mexican Food Restaurant",

"Best Happy Hour", "Best Tacos" &"Best Salsa!" in Sedona.






                                                                                                                   REG         GRANDE

Javelina Margarita                                                                                  7.00            10.50

The house speciality. Gold Tequila, Gaetano Triple Sec, and fresh sweet & sour.

They go down easy.


Cuervo Gold Margarita                                                                          7.50            10.75

The Gold Standard! Cuervo Gold, Triple Sec, and fresh sweet & sour make this classic margarita.


The Ultimate                                                                                          12.50            18.75

Simply the best! Patrón Silver and Grand Marnier. It’s just so smooth, it’s unmistakable!


The Mazarati                                                                                          13.00            19.50

The original Javelina TOP SHELF margarita. Suaza Tres Generaciones Añejo tequila,
Grand Marnier, and fresh sweet & sour. Delightful!


The Don                                                                                                 13.50            20.00

Truly the boss! A great blend of Don Julio Añejo and Cointreau.


Fega-Rita                                                                                                11.00            16.50

Created right here. It’s one of a kind with Tres Agaves Reposado, Cointreau, fresh sweet & sour,

and topped with orange juice. Booya!


Zonarita                                                                                                  12.00            18.00

Taste Arizona’s tequila. Created with Cruz Del Sol Reposado (Arizona owned and operated)

and Cointreau.


Flavor Town                                                                                            9.00            13.50

Enjoy your Javelina Margarita with your choice of Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango,

Prickly Pear, Fuzzy Peach, Green Monster Melon, or the Bronx “Blue” Bomber.


Fiesta Margarita                                                                                    10.00            13.00

Add Mango and Prickly Pear to a frozen house margarita and top it with melon

liqueur and Blue Curaçao. Party!




Domestic Bottles                                      4.50

Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Michelob Ultra,
Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite, Coors, Coors Light


Imported and Crafted Bottles                 5.00

Dos Equis Amber, Dos Equis Lager, Blue Moon, Bohemia, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial,

Pacifico, Tecate, Tecate Light, Corona, Corona Light, Heineken, Fat Tire, Stella Artois,

Oak Creek Amber, Oak Creek Hefeweizen, Guiness Stout


Draft Beers                                PINT     24 oz.

Miller Lite                                           5.00         7.50

Dos Equis Amber                                 5.50         8.25

Oak Creek Nut Brown                            5.50         8.25



O’Doul’s                                                           4.50

St. Pauli Girl                    4.50


Wine Selection


White                                     Glass       Bottle

Chardonnay, Santa Ema, Chile            6.00           24.00

Chardonnay, Kendall-Jackson, CA       9.00           36.00

Riesling, Forest Glen, California           6.50           26.00

Sauvignon Blanc, Terranoble, Chile      7.00           28.00

Pinot Grigio, Cavit, Italy                      6.50           26.00


Reds                                      Glass       Bottle

Merlot, Santa Ema, Chile                     6.00           24.00

Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Ema, Chile   6.00           24.00

Malbec, Elsa Bianchi, Argentina            7.00           28.00

Shiraz, Layer Cake, Australia              10.00           40.00

Pinot Noir, Mark West                        8.00           32.00


Blush                                     Glass       Bottle

Zinfandel, Montevina (White) CA          6.00           24.00



Brut, Chandon, Napa                                           8.00


Javelina Sangria                   7.00




Reposado                            7.00



Reposado                            8.00



Silver                                 11.00

Gran Patrón                         30.00



Silver                                  9.00

Reposado                           10.00


Jose Cuervo

Especial — Gold                    7.00

Reserva De La Familia            20.00



Extra Gold                            7.00

Hornitos Reposado                8.00


Cabo Wabo

Blanco                               10.00

Añejo                                 12.00




Tres Generaciones

Silver                                 10.00

Añejo                                 11.00


Don Julio

Reposado                           11.00

Añejo                                 12.00

1942                                  20.00



Añejo                                 12.00

Seleccion Suprema                40.00


Tres Agaves

Blanco                                 8.00

Reposado                            9.00

Añejo                                 10.00



Plata                                  10.00

Añejo                                 12.00



Silver                                 10.00

Reposado                           11.00


Wildshot Silver Mezcal 11.00


Make it a Margarita … add $1

Make it with Cointreau or Grand Marnier … add $2.00


Tequila Fun Facts


Tequila is made with no less than 60% Blue Weber Agave and is usually bottled

in one of three categories:


Blanco or plata (silver): white spirit, unaged and bottled or stored immediately

after distillation, or aged less than two months in stainless steel or neutral oak barrels


Reposado (rested): aged between two and eleven months in oak barrels of any size


Añejo (aged or vintage): aged one to three years in small oak barrels



Javelina Starters

Soup: Seasonal                                               7

Ask your server about our selection of the day


Grilled Chicken and Onion Quesadilla    10.5

Served with guacamole and crème fraîche


Jalapeño Poppers                                           7

Six Jalapeño Poppers lightly breaded and filled with cream cheese.

Served with prickly pear dipping sauce.


Cheese Crisp                                                  8

Toasted flour tortilla and melted jack & cheddar cheese

garnished with pico de gallo
With chile verde sauce or roasted poblano chiles 

With guacamole  9


Guacamole Dip                                               8

Made fresh daily


Queso Dip                                                       8

Cheese dip with fresh poblano chiles, diced peppers, and onions.

Served with warm tortilla chips.


Javelina Bean Dip                                        7.5

Refried beans, enchilada sauce, and melted cheese topped with crème fraîche.

Served with flour tortillas.


Nachos Grande                                            10

Casa-made chips with all the favorite toppings

Choice of beef or chicken machaca Add 2.5

Choice of carne asada or pollo asado Add 4


Red Rock Chicken Fingers                         10

Boneless battered strips of chicken tenders, plain or buffalo style. Served with

Southwest ranch dressing and carrot and celery sticks.



Javelina Salads

Javelina Taco Salad                                     12

Cut field greens with black beans, guacamole, tomatoes, scallions, cucumbers,

peppers, and cheese.  Choice of chicken or beef machaca. Served in a quick-fried

flour tortilla bowl.

Substitute chicken breast or carne asada
Add 2


Del Mar Salad                                                15

Blackened scallops or shrimp tossed with field greens,
caramelized onions, papaya, tomatoes, pecans, and blue cheese
withcilantro-lime vinaigrette.


Southwest Caesar                                        10

Crisp romaine lettuce with a Southwest caesar dressing, parmesan cheese,

and tortilla strips.

Add grilled or blackened chicken or shrimp Add 5


Cantina Bowl                                                 12

Layers of greens, marinated chopped chicken or steak, black beans, rice, jack and cheddar

cheese, crème fraîche, pico de gallo, cilantro, and avocado slices.


Fajita Salad                                                 14.5

Your choice of grilled chicken, steak, or shrimp with cut field greens, refried beans,

rice, guacamole, crème fraîche, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and cheese.

Served in a quick-fried tortilla bowl.


Side Salad                                                        5

Mixture of baby greens, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes,
and shredded jack & cheddar cheese.


Fabulous Fajitas

Southwestern favorites served with sizzling green peppers, tomatoes, onions,

warm flour tortillas, crème fraîche, and guacamole. Served with rice and beans.

If you care to share, you will receive an additional serving of créme fraîche, guacamole,

and tortillas. Add 5 

“Fajitas Caliente” . . . We’ll fix ’em hot at no extra charge!


Chicken Fajitas                                             16

Marinated and grilled chicken breast


Steak Fajitas                                                 17

Marinated and grilled beef tenderloin


Shrimp Fajitas                                              17

Medium black tiger shrimp, marinated and grilled



Grilled White Fish (Tilapia)                         16

Lightly seasoned and grilled


Portabello Mushroom                                 14

Marinated portabello mushrooms seasoned and grilled


Garden Vegetable                                        13

Squash, zucchini, red potatoes, green bell peppers,
onions, and tomatoes



South of the Border Combos

Choose machaca chicken, machaca beef, or ground beef.

Substitute green corn tamale or chile relleno to any combo
Add 1.5

 Substitute pollo asado or carne asada Add 2


Combo One                                               7.99

Choice of a taco or enchilada with rice and beans


Combo Two                                               9.99

Taco and enchilada with rice and beans


Combo Three                                          12.99

Taco and two enchiladas or two tacos and one enchilada with rice and beans


Combo Four                                            13.99

Taco, enchilada, and tostada with rice and beans




Javelina Chef’s Specials

Chile Relleno Platter                                     14

Two fresh poblano chiles stuffed with jack cheese. Served with rice and beans. Topped with

chicken or beef machaca Add 2


Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Burrito      14

Grilled boneless chicken breast, squash, zucchini, and corn, all rolled in a fresh

flour tortilla with crème fraîche. Served with rice and beans.


Super Burrito                                             14.5

Your choice of grilled steak or chicken with rice, beans, and cheese in a flour tortilla.

Served with guacamole, crème fraîche, rice, and beans.


Chimichanga Plate                                     14.5

Your choice of ground beef, chicken, or beef machaca
served enchilada style (red or green) with guacamole, crème fraîche, beans, and rice.


Carne Asada Plate                                    15.5

Marinated sirloin steak, charbroiled and served with black beans, rice,

roasted peppers, onions, and tomatillo sauce.

Add grilled or blackened shrimp (10) 7

Vegetarian’s Choice                                     14

One green chile corn tamale, one cheese relleno topped with tomatillo sauce.

Served with black beans.


Asada Enchiladas                                      14.5

Your choice of two enchiladas with grilled steak or chicken. Served with guacamole,

crème fraîche, rice, and beans.


Tacos a la Parrilla                                      14.5

Three grilled steak tacos served on corn tortillas with fresh
avocado, queso fresco, and cilantro. Served with black beans.


Pork Carnitas                                             14.5

Slow-cooked pork with a mild green chile sauce. Served with warm tortillas, rice,

beans, guacamole, and crème fraîche.


Javelina Mexican Pizza                                12

A very special casa-made crust topped with refried beans, machaca beef or chicken,

green chile sauce, and jack and cheddar cheese.




Javelina Seafood Specialties

Rocky Point Fish Tacos                              15

Grilled or fried tilapia with a Southwestern tartar sauce, lettuce, and pico de gallo on warm flour

tortillas. Served with rice and beans.


Baja Tacos                                                    14

Choice of popcorn shrimp or bay scallops grilled and topped with Southwest tartar sauce, lettuce,

and pico de gallo on warm flour tortillas. Served with rice, beans, guacamole, and crème fraîche.


Open-faced Shrimp or Scallop Quesadilla 16.5

Grilled shrimp or scallops with onions and bell peppers on a flour tortilla with

jack and cheddar cheese. Served with mixed greens and tossed with cilantro-lime vinaigrette in the center.

Blackened Grilled Catfish Relleno              16

Stuffed with jack cheese served on a bed of romaine lettuce, topped with black bean mango

salsa and avocado vinaigrette. Served with black beans, rice, and flour tortillas.


Catfish Relleno                                             16

Stuffed with jack cheese, battered, and quick-fried. Served with green chile sauce.


Salmon Tostada                                         16.5

Grilled salmon filet served with black bean mango salsa, lettuce, fresh sliced avocado, and

topped with avocado vinaigrette. Served with rice and black beans.



Javelina Specialty Sandwiches

Pueblo Sandwich                                      10.5

Mesquite-smoked turkey breast, asadero cheese, poblano chiles, tomatoes, guacamole, and

cumin aioli on sourdough bread. Served with fries or a side salad.


Cantina Burger                                             11 

Charbroiled 8 oz. angus beef with asadero cheese.
Served with fries or a side salad.


Signature Burger                                      12.5 

Charbroiled 8 oz. angus beef with poblano chiles, bacon, guacamole, and asadero cheese. Served

with fries or a side salad.


Mexican Club Wrap                                     11 

Roasted tomato flour tortilla stuffed with mesquite smoked turkey breast, guacamole, bacon, lettuce,

jack and cheddar cheese, and tomatoes inside a large flour tortilla with melted cheddar cheese on top.

Served with fries or a side salad.


Sonoran Chicken Sandwich                       12 

Marinated, grilled chicken with asadero cheese, lettuce, poblano chiles, tomatoes, guacamole,

and cumin aioli on sourdough bread. Served with fries or a side salad.


Grilled Steak and Cheese Torta                 11 

Thinly sliced sirloin steak grilled with poblano chiles and onions. Topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes,

asadero cheese, cumin aioli, and guacamole on torta bread. Served with fries or a side salad.


Scallop Wrap                                             12.5 

Roasted tomato flour tortilla stuffed with mixed greens, blue cheese, mango salsa, and bay scallops with balsamic

vinaigrette. Served with fries or a side salad.




South of the Border Classics


Bean                                     5.25

Chicken or Beef Machaca          6.25

Ground Beef                           6.25

Carne Asada with guacamole      7.25

Fish­ (Grilled or Fried)              7.95

Pollo Asado with guacamole       7.25


Tostadas—served with guacamole on top

Bean                                     5.95

Chicken or Beef Machaca          6.50

Ground Beef                           6.50

Carne Asada                           7.95



Cheese                                 5.75

Chicken or Beef Machaca          6.95

Ground Beef                           6.95

Pollo Asado                           7.50

Carne Asada                           7.95


Flautas—served with guacamole and
crème fraîche

Machaca Beef                         6.95

Machaca Chicken                    6.95


Bean, red sauce, and cheese      7.50

Chicken or Beef Machaca          8.95

Ground Beef                           8.95

Carne Asada with guacamole    10.95

Grilled Chicken and Vegetable with crème fraîche         10.95

Black Bean and Vegetable with
crème fraîche and cheese           9.50

Pollo Asado with guacamole and cheese        10.95


Chimichangas*—served with

guacamole and crème fraîche

Bean                                   10.50

Chicken or Beef Machaca         11.95

Ground Beef                         11.95

Carne Asada                         12.50

Pollo As­­ado                         11.95


Rellenos (Fresh Poblano Chile)

Cheese                                 8.25

Chicken or Beef Machaca          9.25



Tamales (Homemade)

Green Chile Corn
with green chile sauce and cheese 6.95

Machaca Beef with red chile
sauce and cheese                    6.95


Side Orders

Crème Fraîche                        2.25

Sour Cream                            1.95

Guacamole on top                   3.95

Rice                                     2.50

Beans (Refried or Black)            2.50

Half Rice, Half Beans                4.50

Vegetables                             3.50

Jalapeños                              2.00

Fresh, roasted, or pickled

Flour Tortillas (5)                     2.25

Corn Tortillas (5)                     2.25

Pico de Gallo                          2.25

Seasoned French Fries            3.95­


*Enchilada style (red or green) . . . add 1.95      


One check and an 18% gratuity for all parties of 8 or more. Split plate charge $5.00.






We offer the following Pepsi fountain drinks:


Fountain (includes 1 refill)                          3


Diet Pepsi

Sierra Mist


Dr. Pepper

Mug Root Beer

Mountain Dew



Juice (no refills)                                         3.5

Apple • Orange • Grapefruit • Pineapple


Other Beverages                                       2.5

Coffee (Regular or Decaf) • Hot Tea • Iced Tea




Other Shugrue’s Locations


Javelina Cantina: 1420 McCulloch Blvd., Lake Havasu City, AZ • (928) 855-Taco (8226)


Barley Brothers Brewery & Grill: 1425 McCulloch Blvd., Lake Havasu City, AZ • (928) 505-7837


Makai Cafe: 1425 McCulloch Blvd., Lake Havasu City, AZ • (928) 505-7837


Shugrue’s Restaurant & Lounge: Overlooking the London Bridge, Lake Havasu, AZ • (928) 453-1400


Mad Dogs Sports Bar: 2048 McCulloch Blvd., Lake Havasu City, AZ • (928) 505-5253


We also offer catering for all occasions.



Dining Menu      .pdf files





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